A Guide to Hiring a Headhunting Firm

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As a business executive, you need highly trained professionals who can help steer your business to the next level. Finding a suitable candidate through interviews may not be an effective way to hire top-level management. The reason behind this is that a newspaper or radio advertisement might not attract the kind of talent your company needs. Hiring a headhunter may be the most suitable option. Headhunters are professionals that specialise in recruiting staff whose vision aligns with your organisational needs.

8 July 2019

Productivity Tips for Businesswomen Who Have Childcare Responsibilities

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Britain has a productivity gap with its major European neighbours, according to numerous government reports. And yet, as many working mums in the UK will tell you, improving your productivity whilst looking after the needs of a young family can be almost impossible. The thing is that women are so often told that they're naturally great multitaskers that they can fall into the trap of thinking that doing everything at once is the answer.

2 May 2019

Tips for Choosing Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

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Lighting is a crucial facet of your home interior design. In fact, you can change the ambience in your house by just changing the lighting fixtures or by varying their positioning. Again, the lighting that works in the kitchen may not necessarily apply in the living room or bedroom. With the influx of modern lighting fixtures in the market at places like Lights For London, it would help to know how to select the ones that suit your home best.

30 October 2017

Key Considerations When Letting HMOs

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If you're letting out a property to multiple tenants, forming more than one household, then you'll need to stay on top of the guidelines for HMOs - houses in multiple occupation. You'll need ensure your property is suitable for multiple occupation before applying for a license from your local council. If you don't do this, you'll risk hefty fines. Making sure you follow all the guidelines from the start will prevent you from running into costly and time-consuming problems further down the line.

18 August 2016